Welcome to the homepage for the Alien Piers Organisation, an alternative record label serving Nifty Eagu & the Glo-Pilots, Coochie's Bream, The Skinbat Scramble, The (long-lost) Longtails and The Ghost Lilacs.

Starting in the immediate Post-Punk days of the early 1980s, these art school types and renegades from the music biz meandered along myriad winding and weird trajectories. The music was recorded as they went along in various studios and forgotten scout huts but never heard by the rest of the world. Now, for my sins I have been compelled by posterity and the threat to past Western civilisation of present-day corporate political correctness and consequent near-extinction of the quaint, intellectual, esoteric, English artistic eccentricity, to catalogue these fading tapes and a disarray of DATS and CDs in order to document them for release and final publication. In so doing, various new collaborations have come about and new beginnings made. All will be represented on this site when the final recorded product is available.

Details of the CDs available so far are on the following pages. They are all CDRs so you should be sure that this format will work on your player. They are all available to purchase direct from this website using Paypal or in more traditional transactions from Apollo Records, Georgia, Dixie, USA - our Alien Piers Organisation agent Rob James. For more details, contact

Additionally, some of the Skinbat Scramble catalogue, Last/First by Nifty Eagu and the Glo PIlots and Coochie's Bream are available on iTunes.

For information on band histories and future gigs please see and and

We use and recommend The Granary Recording Studio at Lamberhurst.

Mark Eason (aka Nifty Eagu)